[Wine] Re: [SUGGESTION] WINE, autodisable/ask to disable PulseAudio

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 25 09:00:38 CDT 2009

Ok pasuspender in theory should work.  Problem it don't.   Wine depend on the existence of a Mixer.  Under alsa this is a just presume.   Because if a video card does not have a mixer dmix is there to be loaded instead.

Developer of pulseaudio has refused to fix the pasuspender script by the way.

Problem pulseaudio is a mixer when you double stack two mixers you get crap performance.   So to have pulseaudio enabled distribution disable alsa dmix.   Pasuspender does not load dmix if sound card has no mixer.  So wine has issues.   That is why pasuspender works with some sound cards and not others.  Any sound card with a built on mixer pasuspender removes wine problem.  So a magic script wrapping pasuspender to load dmix when its required would truly fix the problem.  Bar upsetting users that there pulseaudio system turns into a paper weight.

Next padsp with wine use oss link problem oss part of wine does not support a huge number of applications.   So it nothing more than a hack that only sometimes works.

Pulseaudio has cpu and crashing under load usage problems that cause programs to have unstable runtime performance even when they have pulseaudio drivers.   That pulseaudio developers are trying to fix buy the way.   No sane distribution should have it active by default.

So basically we screwed nothing is going to make pulseaudio users happy every path is broken somewhere.   Either we disable or remove pulseaudio or have other errors from pulse that users fail to detect as a pulseaudio failure not a wine one.

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