[Wine] Can I copy my .wine??

Beartooth Beartooth at comcast.net
Mon May 25 10:02:52 CDT 2009

	I tried doing scp between two machines on my LAN. It whizzed 
along at great speed for a long time, mostly displaying messages over and 
over saying either something about permission (denied, I presume), or 
else about too many levels of symlinks.

	What I use it for is GPS/map software -- legacy proprietary stuff 
from Garmin and Maptech, to which I have added a lot of personal data 
collected over the last dozen years with my GPSs.

	I'm running Fedora 11 Preview on the target machine at the 
moment, and have failed even to install the legacy programs; there seem 
to be parts of Wine that I don't have yet; but the full release is due 
out in a week, and I'll try again after that.

	What I want most, of course, is all that personal GPS data; 
transferring from one GPS after another is tedious.

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