[Wine] Re: Registry setting question...

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 25 11:37:43 CDT 2009

James Huk wrote:
> so there is no other way then to manipulate either user.reg or use regedit?

The only correct way is regedit. Directly modifying *reg files in WINEPREFIX will eventually corrupt them, or won't preserve any of your changes.

Also who said you have to create a .reg file to import it with regedit? You can feed something to it from stdin. Should be able to, except it's broken atm...

James Huk wrote:
> One more quick question... maybe someone know, can I put native Windows dll's on my site for download? Is it legal?

No, it's not legal. If you read EULA it says you do not have rights to redistribute any part of an O/S.

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