[Wine] Re: fixme:heap:RtlCompactHeap (0x110000, 0x0) stub

tola wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 25 14:09:16 CDT 2009


I have a Problem with comctl32.dll. In ELOOffice the user interface contains a toolbar and a treeview. After I was able to start the Application with the new comctl32.dll (loaded with winetricks) I tried to open a Node in the treeview. From this moment I get a big amount of Errormessages (wrong addresses...). But the Application dosen't crash.
For a test I replaced the downloaded Dll wtih that one I found in my original Windows Installation. The result: The treewiew works now, but the toolbar looks very strange. I seer the normal Icon behind a arrow-like "mask"-shape. Apart from that the Program works fine.

Can someone explain the comctl32.dll-Problem? Is this an Wine-Bugzilla-worth Bug? (I'am a Wine -Beginner and I don't want to write wrong Error-Messages) 


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