[Wine] Can I copy my .wine??

Beartooth Beartooth at comcast.net
Tue May 26 11:35:40 CDT 2009

On Mon, 25 May 2009 16:14:21 -0500, vitamin wrote:

> Beartooth wrote:
>> OK, thanks! And a dumb question, just in case. My wine is in /
>> home/btth -- so can I just c&p the above, tilde and all? Or do I need
>> to spell out my home directory?
> "~" tilde is a standard shell expansion for a home directory. If you
> haven't move your WINEPREFIX (default ~/.wine) then you can copy and
> paste those commands as-is, replacing the "new_box" of course.
> What that means, when you use "~" anywhere in the path, shell
> automatically replaces (expands) it with the full path of your home
> directory. Unless of course the path is quoted. Then you should use
> $HOME instead. Ex:
> Code:
> $echo ~
> /home/vitaliy
> $echo "~"
> ~
> $echo "$HOME"
> /home/vitaliy
> $echo '$HOME'

	Thanks! I always get confused about that -- incipient senescense, 
I suppose ...

	It worked nicely -- except for my waypoints, which seem to've 
gotten left behind, or maybe buried. I tried to transfer them in afresh 
from a GPS, and failed. Maybe I can locate that rpm that had "garmin" in 
it; it might not've gotten onto the T42 ...

	Thanks again!

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