[Wine] Re: Run Kingsoft Office 2009 properly using wine in ubuntu???

derick_mitsui wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 27 18:10:06 CDT 2009

Martin Gregorie wrote:
> Well, only seems to run on various Windows versions, so not really cross
> platform.
> Since you seem to be happy to use a MS Office compatible office suite,
> I'd suggest that you take a careful look at Open Office, since that
> should be preinstalled on Ubuntu. I'm using OO 3.0.1 with Fedora 10 and
> have yet to meet a MS Office file it can't handle. Its even OK with
> really old (MS Word 5 for DOS) files.
> If it meets your needs that will save you the time and effort of
> installing either Kingsoft or MS Office under Wine.
> Martin

The problem is openoffice are not fully compatible to microsoft office files, i mean the margin, setting, etc. And my files mostly was ms office setting. It messed up quite a bit, in OO.o writer i have to do whole things from scratch (setting the margin, the font type, etc). This freaked me out. 

So i m trying an alternative applications n i found the most suitable one is kingsoft office, but sadly it wont run on linux. Basically can run but can't open file nor save file, maybe someday wine maker or developer will make it run on linux so that it can helps those who migrate from microsoft office.

Best regards

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