[Wine] Re: directions for porting my own code using 3rd party dll

sancts wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu May 28 17:33:54 CDT 2009

thanks for these hints

Thunderbird wrote:
> It is not possible to simply use winelib for linking to a win32 dll. You have to compile ALL of your code using winegcc/wineg++, so your whole app will depend on wine. 

well so far that doesnt sound all too scary. that simply means setting CXX=wineg++ doesnt it?

Thunderbird wrote:
> The reason for this is that wine needs to do a lot of magic (registry, file system, windows memory layout ...).

even if my code has no notion whatsoever about registry, etc? i dont use any libraries from MS, like MFC or whatever (dont even know them).

Thunderbird wrote:
> If you don't want that then the only way is to write a small winelib app and use some form of IPC to communicate between the linux and winelib app (e.g. using unix sockets or whatever). Look at the wine-devel archive for discussions about this.

now, that sounds scary :( 

DanKegel wrote:
> Don't use Winelib... use mingw on linux to build your app, then run it with wine.  Much easier.

ok, i think ill look into that.
do you know whether thats also possible under macosx?


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