[Wine] fixme:dbghelp_dwarf:compute_location Unhandled attr op: e0 - when running The Sims 2

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Thu May 28 17:39:30 CDT 2009

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Hey guys,

I just subscribed to this list - maybe discussions related to this error
are already going on, but I couldn't find a lot when I googled it. I
will just assume this isn't known or fixed yet, let's see how it goes.

Whenever I run The Sims 2 with a No-CD crack (otherwise it won't run) in
Wine, I get the following error:

fixme:dbghelp_dwarf:compute_location Unhandled attr op: e0
dwarf.c:1355: dwarf2_parse_variable: Assertion `subpgm->func' failed.
wine: Assertion failed at address 0xf7fcf430 (thread 0009), starting

A window pops up saying "The program Sims2.exe has encountered a serious
problem and needs to close." After that, it runs winedbg.exe, which
crashes with the same error ("The program winedbg.exe has encountered a
serious problem and needs to close."). I tried running Sims2.exe in
winedbg, with this result:

$ wine winedbg.exe "TSBin/Sims2.exe"
WineDbg starting on pid 0035

0x7b87866b: movl        %esi,0x0(%esp)


fixme:dbghelp_dwarf:compute_location Unhandled attr op: e0

dwarf.c:1355: dwarf2_parse_variable: Assertion `subpgm->func' failed.

First chance exception: assertion failed in 32-bit code (0xf7f03430).

Register dump:

 CS:0023 SS:002b DS:002b ES:002b FS:0063 GS:006b

 EIP:f7f03430 ESP:0033ef8c EBP:0033efa4 EFLAGS:00000296(   - --  I S
- -A-P- )
 EAX:00000000 EBX:0000222b ECX:0000222b EDX:00000006

 ESI:f7d685e7 EDI:f7d86ff4

Stack dump:

0x0033ef8c:  0033efa4 00000006 0000222b f7c539d0

0x0033ef9c:  f7d86ff4 0033f0c4 0033f0cc f7c55398

0x0033efac:  00000006 0033f044 00000000 f7d86ff4
0x0033efbc:  00000047 7d555834 0033efe8 f7c97a7f
0x0033efcc:  0033f008 7d5557d0 7d555834 f7c67b3b
0x0033efdc:  f7d86ff4 00000047 7d5557d0 0033f0b4
=>0 0xf7f03430 (0x0033efa4)
fixme:dbghelp_dwarf:compute_location Unhandled attr op: e0
Sims2.exe: dwarf.c:1355: dwarf2_parse_variable: Assertion `subpgm->func'
  1 0xf7c55398
Exception 80000101
  0 0xf7f03430 (0x0033efa4)
=>1 0xf7c55398 in libc.so.6 (+0x2d398) (0x0033f0cc)
  2 0xf7c4c65e in libc.so.6 (+0x2465e) (0x0033f110)
  3 0x7df49777 in dbghelp (+0x9777) (0x0033f1a0)
  4 0x7df486a4 in dbghelp (+0x86a4) (0x0033f320)
  5 0x7df4b187 dwarf2_parse+0xcc7() in dbghelp (0x0033f580)
  6 0x7df4cb40 elf_load_debug_info+0x750() in dbghelp (0x0033f830)
  7 0x7df4e30b in dbghelp (+0xe30b) (0x0033f8f0)
  8 0x7df4e66c in dbghelp (+0xe66c) (0x0033f940)
  9 0x7df4ec10 in dbghelp (+0xec10) (0x0033f950)
  10 0x7df4b823 in dbghelp (+0xb823) (0x0033fcd0)
  11 0x7df4c0e1 elf_synchronize_module_list+0x71() in dbghelp (0x0033fd10)
  12 0x7df45430 SymInitializeW+0x240() in dbghelp (0x0033fd60)
  13 0x7df456e3 SymInitialize+0xc3() in dbghelp (0x0033fd90)
  14 0x004188f4 in sims2 (+0x188f4) (0x0033fdd0)
  15 0x00e55ba2 in sims2 (+0xa55ba2) (0x0033ff08)
  16 0x7b878670 in kernel32 (+0x58670) (0x0033ffe8)
  17 0xf7dacde7 wine_switch_to_stack+0x17() in libwine.so.1 (0x00000000)

While Googling, I found this may be gcc related. Therefore, I checked
out Wine's source from git, and compiled it with gcc 4.3, 4.1 and 3.4 -
all with a make distclean in front, all builds gave the same error. I
also tried several different cracks.

Is this a bug in The Sims 2 or the cracks? How is it possible that this
has not been reported at the appdb[1] yet? Is this a known (and fixable)
bug or should I report it now right away? :)

I'm using Kubuntu Karmic using my own-built wine fresh from git today.
Other Wine applications work fine. I ran winetricks once, as "sh
winetricks corefonts flash". For the rest, as far as I know this is a
clean installation. I can easily reproduce, so let me know if you need
anything else. I can also report this as a bug, but I didn't know if it
was really related, felt like asking here first.


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