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Fri May 29 14:17:14 CDT 2009

2009/5/29 shunesburg69 <wineforum-user at winehq.org>

> Why don't you make a Wine OS
> I know ReactOS exist but it's useless
> than Wine (No web & No Selector for compatibility Windows OS).
> I don't see any benefits from that – do you? It may seam „easy” after all
you can take „some” code from Linux, „some” from *BSD and „some” from
wine... and mix them all together – hell, Linux is open source, so you can
even rewrite it to look and feel like Windows (and as for look and feel –
this wouldn't be to difficult) but the problem is... wine is user level app,
no direct hardware accessing, no hardware emulation etc. that mean that it
would have to be rewritten, and compatibility wouldn't benefit from that at
all (honestly IMHO it would even degrade because of new bugs that would
arise) and if you were thinking of an OS that would work on Windows
drivers... sorry but that simply is hard as hell to implement – mostly
because many low level things are not publicly available so we would have to
either “guess” :) or use reverse engineering and that takes time... A LOT of
it (not to mention – this is illegal in most countries). Beside... come on
unix like systems have MANY benefits over Windows – and I don't mean
stability why would you want an OS that emulate Windows in every way (beside
“most apps I use are Windows only”)?
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