[Wine] GNOME menu entries for wine run games

Ezekiel000 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 30 10:35:40 CDT 2009

I have been trying to add a launcher to the gnome menu for some of my wine games, but I have found that when I add them to the menu the games complain about missing files, I assume because it is looking for the rest of the game files in the directory that the launcher is in. This doesn't happen when I run the same command within the games directory they work fine.
I used to have this problem with Sam & Max Season One but I got round this by using this command:
env WINEPREFIX="/home/ezekiel/.wine" wine "C:\\windows\\profiles\\ezekiel\\My Documents\\Games\\Sam and Max - Season One\\Episode 1 - Culture Shock Data\\SamMax101.exe"
instead of just:
wine "/home/ezekiel/Games/Sam and Max - Season One/Episode 1 - Culture Shock/SamMax101.exe
The first works from the menu but the second only works from within the Culture Shock directory.
But I tried the same thing with real myst but it didn't work, the new command:
env WINEPREFIX="/home/ezekiel/.wine" /home/ezekiel/Games/realMYST/wine/wine "C:\\windows\\profiles\\ezekiel\\My Documents\\Games\\realMYST\\RealMYST.exe"
Old command:
/home/ezekiel/Games/realMYST/wine/wine ./RealMYST.exe
(A small note I am using a local version of wine because real myst doesn't work with the latest version of wine but Sam & Max doesn't work with the stable version)
Both the commands don't work unless I run them from a terminal within the real myst directory.

Can anyone help?

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