[Wine] Darwine problem

siulmagic wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 30 18:29:37 CDT 2009

HI guys after a couple of weeks trying to get Darwine to work just like wine does in Ubuntu, iv given up i have same exact version of Darwine and WINE one for mac os 10.5.7 and the other for Ubuntu 0.10 the version is 1.1.19

the problem is iv been trying to run runes of magic for the sake of testing it to see how it would run on my mac os, iv got everything set up xquartz the video driver is fully accelerated and still i cannot go ingame on any game using Darwine as of in WINE with Ubuntu the same game works perfectly

in Darwine runes of magic i can get to the log in sscreen and see the forest background but a black box is almost covering the left side of the screen and there is no interface to type in the username and password

in WINE the runs perfectly slow but its expected too run like that

again im using 1.1.19 on both mac os 10.5.7 and Ubuntu 8.10

i just want to get it to run properly as it does in WINE, i dont plan on gaming on mac os i just want to test it, see how it does thats all.

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