[Wine] Naturally speaking under wine help needed

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Sat May 30 23:14:38 CDT 2009

[[apologies if this is a dupe.  gmane is a bit odd sometimes]]

I need some help on a handicap accessibility project. It's really great for
people like me that naturally speaking is working in wine (mostly). One
important shortcoming is getting our dictated text into linux.  Today, in order 
to copy text from the wine environment and place it in the Linux environment, we 
need to dictate into the wine version of Notepad, cut the contents of Notepad 
into the cut/paste buffer, then navigate to the "active" application and paste. 
    It's tedious but it's also  significantly better than running in XP and 
dictating into Linux applications using a Windows X11 server.

What I want to do is potentially very simple. I want to be able automate what
I'm doing by hand. To dictate into an editor just like wine notepad and then on
a command, transfer the contents of the editor buffer into the "active" application.

Unfortunately, simple doesn't mean easy. we need to make sure Naturally speaking 
sees the right dictation target and that we can cut from the DNS dictation 
target and paste into the "active" app in linux.

A secondary wish is to be able to run the natpython environment such that when
recognition happens in wine and the python code invoked by DNS grammars runs in
linux.  This would help disabled folks like myself by giving us a powerful tool
for command and control of applications.

this is a very rough sketch of what I want to do and some help with design,
implementation details, and coding would be welcome.  Like many users of DNS my 
hands were broken by coding and python is the only code spoken here (and not all 
that quickly to boot because the tools aren't all that friendly).

--- eric

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