[Wine] Naturally speaking under wine help needed

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Sat May 30 23:32:33 CDT 2009

Austin English wrote:

> The active app is never a windows application, right? Is the
> application always launched before notepad, or can it be launched
> after notepad?

In theory, it could be anything in Windows or wine. The important difference is 
that we can use NaturallySpeaking's built-in tools to dictate into any wine 
resident application (which is why dictating into notepad works)

The way things work now, the target application can be launched at any time up 
to the point where I need to paste the data. There is no coupling in the current 
environment. The current line of thinking is that binding an instance of the 
editor to an instance of the application would be a good thing so that you could 
work in multiple applications and even leave partially dictated thoughts in the 
editors while you go do something else. The example this would be working on 
code or documentation as your long-term process and then you get a phone call or 
an instant message they need to deal with right away. You would then just switch 
to the new application, bind a NaturallySpeaking connection to that application 
and then dictate away. When you are done with the introduction, you return to 
where you were and you haven't lost any data.

Also, please don't think that all of these state changes need to be manual. They 
really should be as automatic as possible so that I can bring up an application 
and start dictating. I shouldn't need to do anything else to make it possible 
for the text or the grammar driven command and control to reach my target 

--- eric

Speech recognition at work. It makes mistakes, I correct some

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