[Wine] Re: Script Help

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 31 14:36:21 CDT 2009

mooseranger wrote:
> Hmm... I tried this and it didn't seem to work... 

Then you might need to do this for a different executable. Some programs, especially games, use a launcher. You want to use the actual game executable instead. You should be able to find it running 'ps -ef' and looking for the actual game process name.

Martin Gregorie wrote:
> - first is the shell that put up your command prompt
> - using "sh LOTRBFME2.sh" starts a new shell to run your script
> - if your script starts with "#!/bin/sh" that will start a third shell
> - the third shell will run the script and exit, then the second shell
> will exit to leave you in the original shell, but any shell variables
> the 2nd and 3rd shells set up will be lost

This is all irrelevant.

He doesn't background any of the processes. Which shell they run doesn't matter. 'xrandr' changes X-display settings which have nothing to do with shell "setup".

The only possible reason why it works when manually run and doesn't work from the script - is timing. 5 seconds might not be enough.

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