[Wine] Re: Word 2007 slow on jaunty

pollanza wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 31 16:13:40 CDT 2009

Also the 1.1.22 is too slow...
Could it be that installing from the .deb version the newer one wine version that make it possible to install office 2007 (the version after that have a regression), the 1.1.16 version, which is an intrepid version, in jaunty broke that?
After installing office 2007 I upgraded to the newer jaunty versions, but maybe installing the intrepid version on jaunty messed the things!
But there isn't a 1.1.16 version for jaunty, so if anyone want to install office 2007 must use an intrepid version of wine in jaunty and upgrade after the office installation!

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