[Wine] Re: Moving Microsoft Office from XP to Wine

KenJackson wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 3 20:17:42 CST 2009

Thunderbird wrote:
> This can't be done for Office there are way too many registry keys and other special dlls it installs.

Several of you seem to be in agreement on this point.  It's what I feared.  I'm about to lose interest.

Thunderbird wrote:
> Assuming the license is legal, ...

I know you're just mentioning it, but I'm always surprised at how many people feel compelled to protect Microsoft.  Microsoft's policy seems to be, if there is any doubt at all, you must buy another license.  But I have no doubts.

Jim Hall wrote:
> Why not use ... OpenOffice.org ...?

Yeah, yeah, that's the obvious alternative.  I have it installed on my Linux host and use it occasionally.  The issue is for resumes.  If you generate a resume with OpenOffice.org, and a potential employer reads or prints it with MS Word, there is a chance it will look a little different.  Different means crappy.  Crappy says you don't care enough to make your resume look good.

I hate it that so many people think MS Word is a standard, but that's the way it is.

Anyway,  thanks to everyone that weighed in.

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