[Wine] how to install a windows service in wine?

Zhaohui Wang zwange at gmu.edu
Wed Nov 4 10:37:34 CST 2009

Thank you!

Yea, netbios (traditional windows services) is what I meant, not samba or

But what are the services.exe hosting?

Anyone can clarify?

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NetBios ?????

you should look for SAMBA.

SAMBA is the implkementation of netbios for Linux.

take a look at it ... google it!

windows services at wine .... you cant!.
because ... imagine the situation .... a service in windows starts up when
windows starts up , and runs in background mode.
well .... when we use WINE ,.... WE DONT HAVE A WINDOWS INSTALLED!!!!!, WINE
.. is a layer, beetwen a windows program and linux, thats all.

hope my reply helps you

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