[Wine] Black rectangles in full screen mode - how to make them?

nemochin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Nov 6 03:51:26 CST 2009

Hello! Hope I don't duplicate the topic. I haven't find the answer neither on Google nor on Winehq.

I have a wide screen laptop (resolution 1280x800) and games, which original resolution is e.g. 1024x768, in full screen mode stretch to fill the entire screen. I would rather like to have two black rectangles on the sides so the games will keep their resolution. Is there any way to make it possible? Using the virtual desktop option is not fine with me because the most important application (Touhou ;) ) doesn't fill that space and stay in windowed mode.

Hope it would be an useful information: I had those black rectangles on Ubuntu 9.4 but after I switched to 9.10 they disappeared.

I don't know what additional data I should provide so I ask for your assistance. :)

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