[Wine] Re: Football Manager 2010

jorl17 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 10 08:10:39 CST 2009

canh wrote:
> Can anyone get it to work? It's reported as working in the AppDB but I cannot run it. Can someone please give instructions to make it run? One more question: I'm running 64-bit Ubuntu, so do I get an advantage of 64-bit when playing through wine?

I'll only answer the first question, since I believe that there are more experienced people that can help you with the 64-bit and 32-bit stuff:

I have successfully run Football Manager 2007 and up under Wine, including the recent FM2010. One thing I remember with 09 was that the registration process was messy. Oh, and I'm not talking about steam versions here (I'm not sure if those work).

What happens? Does it simply not open? Post terminal output -- if it is too large use pastebin. I'm guessing that your *initial* problem is the lack of some libraries, which you can get via winetricks. After that it can be an issue with wbemprox.dll and/or others...

Did you follow the how-to on the AppDB entry?



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