[Wine] Wine program resource usage question

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Wed Nov 11 06:39:49 CST 2009

On Wed, 2009-11-11 at 00:33 -0600, cnbiz850 wrote:
> I tried pidstat and feel that it tells me no more than the fact that
> the abnormal resource is taken by one of the 4 subprocesses of the
> program I am running with Wine.  I know the problem comes from there,
> but I still don't know how is happening inside and how to find a fix.
I wondered if it would spot any other processes that were contributing
to the problem: it didn't, but it least its confirmation that nothing
else is involved and, as a bonus, you've found out about sysstats. Using
it is often the only way of tracking down rare, spiky resource usage.
Its output can be pretty bulky, so knowing how to use Perl or awk to
extract useful stuff from the rest can be very useful.

> Played around with the program further and found something
> interesting.  The abnormal resource usage is actually not due to a
> switch of focus between graphics and GUI.  It is due to mouse movement
> in the graphics area under certain circumstances.  The circumstances
> include having stock price moving average lines drawn on the chart,
> which was the default feature.  Turning off the moving average lines
> or switch to certain other indicators can make the problem go away.  I
> can not image what is going on.  Why mouse moving with MA drawn sucks
> so much resource?  Again this is not detected at all under Windows.  
Maybe there's be an issue with the Wine mouse handler since that code is
obviously different from Windows. 

Is there any detailed tracing you can turn on in the program that would
show what changes in mouse listener operation or usage when the moving
average lines option is on?


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