[Wine] Re: Can Wine be installed in a web server to run a Windows appl?

DaVince wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 12 15:02:55 CST 2009

jpsotta wrote:
> hello, Martin
> I really do not understand your last message !
> - Java JVM's are usefull to run Java piece of code on various machine/OS, but I don't see what help JVM can provide to run Windows Application in a Linux environment.
> It seems I am going back to the beginning of my bad idea !

A Java application is a Java application. It's not (usually) bound to an OS. So a .jar (the most common extension for Java applications) should be able to run on Windows, Linux, Mac... Anything that is able to run the program that can run Java programs, basically (also known as the Java VM).

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