[Wine] Re: Open File in MSOFFICE winword 2007 Causes Crash

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Nov 15 07:37:07 CST 2009

rwreed wrote:
> I hoping someone can help me. I'm running MSOFFICE 2007 under wine 1.1.33. If I click Office Button -> Open, the open file dialog box appears and winword crashes. If I click a document in the "recently opened" list they open without error. It seems then something is going wrong in the actual open file dialog. Any Help would be appreciated. 

Not happening here. What version of Office 2007 (Pro, Standard, etc.) do you have? Do you have any overrides other than riched20 and usp10 (and do you have those two overrides set)?

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