[Wine] Re: Wine relationship with Chrome OS

jorl17 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 19 14:36:15 CST 2009

vitamin wrote:
> fernandocarvalho wrote:
> > The special thing around it is that it has the Google's brand and no more.
> And that suppose to be different from RedHat/Ubuntu/SuSE/Gentoo/Debian/ (and 100s of other distros) how? What is so special about a company that makes all it's money on advertising?
> If it has the standard Linux components then Wine should work the same as on any other distro with proper setup.

I think that he really means that the presence of the Google[TM; C; C++; BANANA] trademark will lead people towards giving another shot at it. He may have some reason there, it's just like rhetorics where you try to place yourself as a good person so that the others, the listeners, believe in the thesis that you are supporting. Same thing goes for Google or any other company like that. The thing is that a giant-fight instantly has other variables that must be considered, so I'm guessing that CChromeOS will be yet-another-fail. But I hope to be proven wrong!

I believe that what is special about Google is the fact that they directly see themselves as competitors towards Microsoft. So most Microsoft-Haters choose to "take sides" with google. And, to be honest, they do have some good products: Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, iGoogle is nice too. But more than that, they give the illusion of correctness, politeliness and support. While they may, inside, be complaining about the idiots that they have to put up with and the silly things they say, it's still morally correct that they do it. Does the ethical objective of an action really matter that much?

The question is: Do they intend to use their influence much like most people consider that Microsoft does? My guess is that they will eventually overuse their "power". Nobody can resist power, it's (nearly) a fact. For now, I'm happy that my daylife routine doesn't involve using the "Google Updater", "Google Anti-Spyware for Google OS kit" and the "Google has just updated your PC and made it become crap". As long as Google is something that I can only directly interact with through a web-browser, I'm happy.

It is still nice to know that part of their code is open-sourced. At least that makes me happy about running Chromium.

That probably is too long, isn't it? Oh well, sorry.



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