[Wine] Re: Explain to me how I do not need root?

Skaught wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Nov 20 17:16:11 CST 2009

What exactly is so risky about giving root to the only app that ever runs on the system?

Everyone talks about viruses but how can a machine get a virus if it is just used to run pings.

Plus if it got infected I would just format the HDD and reload it.  There is nothing of value on the system.

I understand the risk of a zombie (I work at an ISP) but since this machine is on a private network and firewalled bigtime the damage would be very limited if any at all.  I suppose it could try to DOS some routers (it pings routers) but it lacks Internet access as it is on our admin network.

Really though I do not care if it has root, I just need to know what buttons I press to allow the program to ping things.

I suppose I could load a windows VM but that kinda defeats the purpose of  having linux on the system in first place.

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