[Wine] Re: Explain to me how I do not need root?

Skaught wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Nov 20 17:20:20 CST 2009

Martin Gregorie wrote:
> I meant to add:
> [*] GIYF = Google Is Your Friend. 
> Kindly use it on a new term before asking for elaboration.
> Only ask after you've used the whatis, apropos and man commands as well.
> Martin

You missed the point.  I did not really care what all that stuff meant.

My point is that as an end user of the software am I expected to have an in depth knowledge of all of that to run a small program?

I know a great many things Internet and computer but there is far more to know than I could ever know in my lifetime.

I help others on forums all the time when they lack the knowledge that I posses and need to rely on others for the opposite.

Honestly if I could find a native linux app like ping plotter I would be happier, but I have tried several and none do what I need.

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