[Wine] Re: Trouble with libgsm on Mac OS X 10.6.2

rwoodsmall wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Nov 23 22:18:33 CST 2009


I've run into some of the same problems.  Currently running my GSM compile like so on Mac OS X 10.6:

cd ~/source/gsm-1.0-pl13
for GSMSRC in add code debug decode long_term lpc preprocess rpe gsm_destroy gsm_decode gsm_encode gsm_explode gsm_implode gsm_create gsm_print gsm_option short_term table ; do
  gcc -g -arch i386 -m32 -dynamic -ansi -pedantic -c -O2 -Wall -DNeedFunctionPrototypes=1 -DSASR -DWAV49 -I./inc src/${GSMSRC}.c -o src/${GSMSRC}.o
  GSMOBJS+="src/${GSMSRC}.o "
libtool -dynamic -v -o lib/libgsm.1.0.13.dylib -install_name /full/path/to/libdir/libgsm.1.0.13.dylib -compatibility_version 1.0.13 -current_version 1.0.13 -lc ${GSMOBJS} 

Then drop the lib and the header in the proper place.  I don't have anything that actually puts GSM to use, other than Wine's 'make test.'  Besides Ventrillo, D&D:Online and other "real" apps, anyone know of a small app to test GSM functionality in Wine?  Manually compiling GSM's toast binary seems to work, but I need a heavier test that makes use of the GSM codec in Wine. -r

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