[Wine] noob just needing to understand work-around

James Huk huk256 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 12:16:36 CST 2009

On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 12:48 PM, DaVince <wineforum-user at winehq.org> wrote:
> I was going to suggest Deluge, but you said it ate too much resources... > I really can't imagine that, it "eats" like 2% on my 630Mhz CPU,
> practically never disturbing other programs. The only time it takes up
> 100% is when creating files, but that's normal even for uTorrent.

Well I admit - last I tested it the issue with resource eating was
fixed - however Deluge still had issues with some torrents -
especially if we compare speed, for example: I tried Deluge with one
torrent for about 2 hours and got about 60-80 KBps average (I have
1Mbps connection so 128KBps max), when I switched to uTorrent (for the
same torrent) I got near maximum speed ~ 110-125KBps average).

Maybe it was simply one torrent - but since uTorrent works perfect
with wine... why not use it ? After all that's why we have wine in
first place - to have a choice :)

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