[Wine] Re: Drivers

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Nov 28 19:30:54 CST 2009

closebehind wrote:
> Hi, i'm new to Ubuntu, i've heard about it and my friends use it, but i've ran into some problems. Recently my computer downloaded a worm, I couldn't access any of my files etc... until i used a Ubuntu install disc, after i retrieved all my info, I installed Ubuntu (I had tried every single way of restoring Windows or Updating, etc). Now, my problems are this, my two excessively important aspects of my computer is, 1. Typing, and 2. Internet, I have a wireless router and wireless keyboard/mouse set. Each of those contain a disc w/ drivers, the only problem is, with Ubuntu I cannot access those drivers, I'm downloaded Wine and NDISWrapper to see if I can transfer those programs onto my ubuntu computer and make it work. Any suggestions/help?


Have you even tried your wireless keyboard and mouse in Linux? They usually just work.

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