[Wine] Re: New wine(wine-1.1.34) late again?

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Nov 29 08:52:39 CST 2009

Thursday/friday if all goes right but sat sun mon not uncommon k4king.  Heck sometimes when he is going to be away on the weekend of conf is Wednesday. 

The official target could be badly restrictive if a case of very few patches happens.   That has been another historic cause for no release for 4 weeks.  Nothing major happened.   Yes rare these days.

Then after the source release the binary package makers get to work on average that turns up about tuesday/wed after the release.

Please not the 2 weekly releases are the development branch.  Stable branch is treated way different.

And unfortunately since the 1.1.34 is development branch announcements about status own to the developer branch mailing list.  Yes we need a reporter to pick this stuff up.

Lot of work at moment is working to matching up to get a really 1.2 wine out.  Then hopefully get stable releases a little more common.

Yes stable releases are rare so I can understand you not understand that what you are asking for is stable release policy k4king of announcing release date then hitting it. 

Currently nothing there is no money on hand for doc writers or reporters.  Of course if suitable funding for it could be found I don't see that it would be frowned on.   Note suitable.  We cannot kinda double cross our site running company codeweavers.

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