[Wine] Re: New wine(wine-1.1.34) late again?

k4king wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Nov 29 09:39:32 CST 2009

okay, my final post on this, feel free to jump up and down a bit longer.
Personally I am not interested in stable (maybe when wine gets to 3.1.1) so none of my comments were intended to be about stable at all. I would expect users to be pointed to their distro's own repo for a stable release (unless there is known not to be one or if there is particular issues known with what a distro offers via it's repo).
When a project gets larger you need to break things down and keep everyone informed. In my view wine is nowadays a very large project, and well done to everyone who has got it there and are keeping it going. But I think to keep it going with maximum reward the developers do need to keep the casual user (potential tester) informed and allow them to have some structure and discipline to follow. I think from what I have seen and all that you have said, actually shows there is that structure and discipline, you just don't like the word "official" being associated with it.
If you do not want casual users involved with the unstable releases, do not have a link to unstable release on the front door. If you do want greater participation in helping develop and test the unstable then let them know what is going on, even if it is that the unofficially expected release is deferred by a week, cancelled, or use the great british rail term "Delayed" which means no idea.

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