[Wine] Re: Do you have to use command line to use win

wondering wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Nov 29 16:18:11 CST 2009

gogo2520 wrote:
> Hello
> thank You for the fast response. 
> vitamin The reason I wanted to get linux running is so I can study Microchip programming, I like asm for programming but the command is a lot different. I know some of the basics but where to start when installing stuff is all new to me.
> austin987   OK here is were I am lost I click on the exe file where? The C drive in windows or a drive on linux? its all new to me so please bare with me.    I was thinking I should have to create a virtual drive or something.
>  don't know
>                              Thanks for any reply
>                                      gogo

Hi gogo. Could you tell my any names or links of universities where someone could study "Microchip Programming" ? How exacktly is this persons proffesion called who is doing "Microchip Programming"? Thanks for any answer...

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