[Wine] Pulseaudio

Oli Warner oli at thepcspy.com
Thu Oct 1 09:12:41 CDT 2009

> Ossp is not a kernel patch.  Ossp is userspace and depends on a kernel
> feature cuse(char devices in userspace)  Cuse appears in 2.6.32 kernels end
> of year kernel release.  Ubuntu 10.10 release cuse will be a default feature
> no kernel building required.  Same with every distribution using 2.6.32 and
> later kernels.  No point wasting effort for something that is only going to
> be useful for a few months.

Okay. It requires a kernel patch. If what you say is true, Ubuntu 10.04
could ship with this enabled, but that's the better part of 7 months away. I
know there are other distributions on different schedules, but I don't know
which kernels they'll ship.

This thread is *not* about:

   - The best hal design
   - Who you are in the pecking order of Linux audio
   - Pulseaudio's numerous flaws
   - What has happened in Linux audio's history
   - What is coming in the distant future

It's been about getting Wine audio working, even in imperfect conditions,
right now. PA is all over the place and Wine doesn't support it. That should
be a critical bug.

And as I said earlier, Wine makes concessions for Windows' shortfalls so why
not make one for Pulseaudio until something better (ossp, gstreamer, etc) is
implemented and ready?
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