[Wine] Worms Armageddon

Vincent Povirk madewokherd+8cd9 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 13:55:25 CDT 2009

> not sure whether that was a sarcastic comment or not, I may not be savvy when it comes to writing code, but I'm not that technically inept.

Well, you didn't say you had inserted the CD, so I had to ask. I've
learned not to take these things for granted.

When you checked to see that the drive is there, were you looking at
something in Wine or something in your Desktop Environment?

You should be able to see the drive on the "Drives" tab of winecfg,
and the type should be set to CD-ROM.

You should also check that Wine is detecting the label on the CD
correctly. If you run "wine cmd" and list the drive using "dir", it
should tell you that the label is "WA".

Also, make sure you've installed the beta update. I don't think CD
versions of WA have been known to fail in exactly that way, but some
did have copy protection that was since scaled back. In any case, you
will need to update before the game will actually run.

Now that I'm looking at the guide on the appdb it seems outdated. Bug
15789 is fixed, and I think the user32 bug is as well. Still, I don't
think any of that should cause the CD detection to work differently.

Vincent Povirk

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