[Wine] Re: New to all of this and need help

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 4 23:40:31 CDT 2009

doh123 wrote:
> was just wondering what would constitute an "official" wine build on OSX... all command line? don't think anyone makes an normal installer for all command line...

Dig out a lengthy conversation about that on wine-devel about 2-3 months ago. Official Wine build would be as close to vanilla Wine as possible.

What Mike Kronenberg does can't be called "Official Wine release" for several technical reasons like wrong license mentioned in few places and Wine being called Darwine in several other places.

Of course, Wine won't compile/work out of the box on Mac. You need to install lots of other pieces that should really be part of the system, not Wine. Bundling all together is another reason Mike's Wine can't be called "Official" it has lots more then just Wine.

And as far as everything else goes (special Mac specific launchers etc) that can be considered part of the O/S specific package (like lots of extras packagers add to Wine packages for different distros).

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