[Wine] DLL and bottle registry problems

Roy F. Cabaniss cabaniss at uamont.edu
Tue Oct 6 13:34:01 CDT 2009

I have to admit I have not really used Wine for several years, and back
then it worked just fine for running my statistical analysis software on
a linux desktop.  The two pieces of software I am using for a class I
teach are Management Scientist  (MS) and NCSS2007  (NCSS), both of which
are stat packs so I (and my students) can analyze data.  (Neither of
these is supported software.)

using crossover 8.0 on suse 11.1.
Since I don't as a default use any of the microsloth office products I
had not bothered to install any of them.  Installed both MS and NCSS in
their own bottles.  Neither worked.  On MS, it would first initialize
and then when I would select a method of analysis I got a  "Errror 339  
Grid32.dll not found " error. 
Trying to start NCSS watched it simply fade away.  No initialization
screen or anything.  When I tried things with the wine install from SuSE
I got the same errors.

Install MS on a Ubuntu (same machine, I simply have many OS's going.) 
using wine.  Try to start MS using wine.   No joy.  Copy the folder
containing all of the MS files to a folder on the ubuntu and then try to
start the MS by simply typing wine MS.exe. Lo and behold it runs fine. 
Try same trick on SuSE.  No dice.  Install Microsloth Office 2007 in a
bottle in crossover in Suse.  Install MS in the office 2007 bottle.  It
now runs. We are now half way there.

Try all of the above procedures with NCSS.  No joy.  Install NCSS in the
MS Office bottle and try to run.... no joy. 
typed  wine NCSS.exe  (and wine start NCSS.exe) in a shell (just so I
can see the errors.)
this is what I got.

~/.cxoffice/Copy of MS Office 2007/drive_c/Program Files/NCSS2007> wine
err:module:import_dll Library Stamin32.DLL (which is needed by
L"Z:\\home\\rcaban\\.cxoffice\\Copy of MS Office 2007\\drive_c\\Program
Files\\NCSS2007\\Ncss2007.exe") not found
err:module:LdrInitializeThunk Main exe initialization for
L"Z:\\home\\rcaban\\.cxoffice\\Copy of MS Office 2007\\drive_c\\Program
Files\\NCSS2007\\Ncss2007.exe" failed, status c0000135

The Stamin32.,dll file is in the bottle in drive_c/Windows/system32

I also copied the stamin32.dll and renamed it to Stamin32.DLL and
Stamin32.dll and stamin32.dll and STAMIN32.DLL.  No joy.  So how can I
get wine to figure out the file is there and usable.  (Solving this
would probably also fix the file not found error from the first try at
installing management scientist in its own bottle.

Thanks for the help.

Dr. Roy F. Cabaniss
Professor of Marketing
University of Arkansas @ Monticello

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