[Wine] Re: Wine is used WORDsearch mac but doesn't work in Linux?

vallesrobertson wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Oct 7 12:32:48 CDT 2009

doh123 wrote:
> I havent bought WORDsearch 8... but I downloaded the free Bible Explorer for Mac from them that also runs on Wine.
> Their Wine download on their website, I'm assuming is what they used in making this, is a pre-1.0 Wine... nothing current.. wine-  is their download...
> I looked inside their Mac app and it has Darwine inside of it... version 0.9.58 comes back with a wine --version check...
> the whole thing is pretty pitiful looking inside.. not made real well, like someone new to making Mac apps...
> but anyways, you might have to try a really old Wine version to get it working, or download their version they link to on their website.

well that may be the issue, I have wine 1.1.30 and if it needs 0.9.58 to work, then that is the problem. I would like to first ask is Darwine the wine for macs or is it an additional program I need on my Ubuntu? Also I went to sourceforge to get wine and I did find it but when I downloaded it, my archive manager just gave me a file that needed extracting, which when I did I just got a bunch of files - how do I install the wine 0.9.58? I also saw on winehq that the problem is called a regression and it can be fixed using git?! I tried reading the how to fix the regression and it is beyond me. Would it be better to find out how to get the older wine (0.9.58) and change my wine, or would it be better to find out how to find the regression problem and get a fix/patch to allow my program to run in wine 1.1.30? Thank you guys so much! I appreciate all this help because I am so new to Linux (Ubuntu) and this is one of the most important programs to me.

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