[Wine] Status on Lotus Approach

MargoAndTodd margoandtodd at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 18:51:21 CDT 2009

Hi All,

The guys over on approach at mailman1.anu.edu.au found
out I was running Lotus Approach under Wine and
asked me how Approach was doing, so I wrote them up this.

I am sending it to this group too, just in case it
helps someone else who is trying to run Approach under Wine.



Approach does run under Wine 1.1.27, but it is full of bugs.

1) you have no paper sizes from the print driver, so
you need to create the db in XP, especially if you
are using PDF Creator to get a wide paper size.  (A stupid
way for Approach to have done it, but we are stuck with it.)

2) the opening splash screen does not work.

3) when typing a search value into a filed, certain character
cause the previous typing to disappear.  They are actually there,
you just keep typing in the dark

4) when opening large read only databases, Approach thinks
they are opening in a foreign language

5) you have extra caption and control boxes

6) there is no support for Scroll Wheel, so your
middle roller does not work

7) clicking on an internal minimized icon gives
"About Wine"

8) screen do not repaint when you have two databases open
work around: open two separate instances of Approach

9) under Wine 1.1.28, you loose keyboard after a while.
I reverted back to .27.  Work around: log off your Linux user
and log back in.  I haven't tried .29 yet.

Long story short.  It is a real mess, but you can work
with it.  But, *do not* attempt unless you have a copy of
Virtual Box XP some where close by to bail you out.

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