[Wine] Reply to Wine FL questions

Jesse Bennett jesseben at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 13 14:22:20 CDT 2009

Thanks James, this now sounds a little out of my league.  I'm not  
advanced enough to start "building" programs, and if thats not what  
you meant then that proves my point even more.  Wine isn't just  
something you can download and run windows programs on? If theres  
somewhere that explains the building process, that might be my place..  
Thanks again for the help.

Jesse Bennett wrote:
> Hey, I'm wanting to get Fruity loops running on my Mac and am not sure
> where to start, Wine seems the best place, and it looks like you have
> got it running on another OS.  Just wondering if you could tell me
> where to start with getting this running, Thanks.
Get Wine for the Mac (which for the time being means building it for
most folks from MacPorts or Fink) and build it.  If you encounter build
difficulties, please post here AND on the appropriate support forum
(MacPorts or Fink.)
Read through the Applications Database entry for Fruity Loops and then
follow all instructions to install.
Attempt to run the program.  Please report any problems with running the
program that are not addressed in the Applications Database here and
please create an Applications Database entry for your encounter with
running this program on the Mac.

Good luck.

James McKenzie

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