[Wine] Re: Mac OS X snow leopard Install Problems /opt/local/lib/libexp

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Oct 14 08:55:53 CDT 2009

basically you need to make sure any dependency, and wine, all install built 32 bit.  By default anything you compile in SNow Leopard will go 64 bit.  his is all covered in the wiki about installation I believe... but if your going to do it with Macports you can substitute the normal configure and make and make install things with the Macports install... or just do it all manually.

I could also give you a ready to run command line only build if you'd like... I threw together a little app i use for quick command line usage of Wine i call WineTermX.  Basically has Wine inside of it, and you double click the app and it opens a terminal prompt with all the paths and everything set right to run the Wine inside of the app... so works with normal command line Wine usage at that point.  I don't have it super documented...

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