[Wine] Re: Wine with Virtual Desktio

SpyPower wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Oct 14 13:48:56 CDT 2009

Thanks for replying back guys. I really apreaciate this.

@ vitamin

vitamin wrote:
> Don't do that. Don't set negative nice to anything, especially to Wine, it won't do what you expect it to do.

I saw about 4FPS + on the application, and i am really trying to squeeze everything out of my system for that. Because i am running this exe on 25FPS while i have a core 2 duo, 2GM of ram, and a 8600Nvidia GTS xfx card. I payed some money in order to see some speed, and im really frustrated to see my OS to slow this down. :/


oiaohm wrote:
> Never use wine with sudo items either.  Running as root any way is system risking.  If you get infected with something and lose your system don't blame us.

Well, thats why i am asking in the first place of doing this without root privileges, cause im so freaking afraid to do so. i did the tests with no inet connection on.

oiaohm wrote:
> http://www.manpagez.com/man/8/renice/  renice operating on the PID is safer.

Well, the link does not work, plus, i cant do any alt-tab, switch desktop, cause every time i move my window or try n change desktop, the application Anarchy.exe disapears (not on full screen though), and i cant see the PID of the aplication cause of that. Yes, i could go to a terminal and check there the PID, but.. there should be a solution for all that.

oiaohm wrote:
> schedtool also can do alterations on PID.

schedtool indeed can renice it, but.. guess what? in my system, the schedtool needs root privilege to nice or renice an application.

oiaohm wrote:
> Problem is wine is multi PID.  Effecting one not others is not wise.

When i did my renice while i was with root privileges, the renice was on all of the wines PID, not just one, but all of em.

oiaohm wrote:
> In your command line you never switched the user back from root SpyPower.

Could i have a code for that please? I dont think i know how to do this one.

oiaohm wrote:
> So effective the complete system was delete able by your command.

o.O O.o What? I really cant understand you there. Be more specific and easy-understanding.

@ doh123

doh123 wrote:
> no idea how your repository does it...
> a normal build of Wine only uses a sudo for the installation for write access to the right folders. If your apt-get is doing the entire build with root, that sounds like a major problem to me...

I dont know. I am new to the linux world, only 1 month on it. I have no experience of other unix systems, so i dont know what and if its wrong.

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