[Wine] Re: Prince of Persia Warrior within CRASHES with wine

bozo wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Oct 20 02:54:53 CDT 2009

Hi dimesio. Thanks for the info!!

-I have disabled through synaptic the pulse audio , the game boot in safe mode, no sound.It was playable but i forgot to change the gamepad settings so i couldn't play..Quited the current game, and selected start a new game and then POP crashed.

-When the suggested audio driver is selected , the game boots in normal mode for once , you can play normally, for one game play, but if you quit or "loose" you will reboot only in "safe mode" and eventually the game will crash.

I tried also with regedit to edit the keys in the registry with the help of wiki wine hq, but with no luck.

I am confident that it is something in the wine settings that prevents the game from playing.When i use wine to install the game in the first place , the installation goes ok, all items required by the game (mem, sound, etc, processor etc) are marked by a green "tick" in the relevant window of PoP. And then you can play only once and that;s it .After that the game crashes.

I am REALLY running out of ideas. I seriously consider a dual boot with windows, that definately will solve the matter. The thing is that i don't want windows anymore.. i love my linux.

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