[Wine] Re: Can't get Band-in-a-Box to run

Radissthor wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 25 18:05:44 CDT 2009

[/quote]Try this (should work on all GNOME desktops):

1) right click on the Band In A Box icon, select Properties and the
Command line on the Basic pane gives the full pathname of the
program that the icon launches. Note down the pathname and close
the dialogue.

2) Start a terminal. Run 'which progname" where progname is the last
term in the path name you found in (1).

3) run 'wine progname' if 'which' found the program or 
run 'wine pathname' if 'which' didn't find it.

NOTE: if you know a program name 'which' will tell you if its in $PATH,
which contains the list pf directories that where bash searches for
programs. You can also use 'locate' to find the full pathname for any
file whose name you know.


Thanks for the help Martin, but I don't know if I understood your instructions correctly. This is what I did:

right click on BIAB icon and the command was
env WINEPREFIX="/home/hernan/.wine" wine "C:\bb\bbw.exe" 

So in the terminal I typed:

which C:\bb\bbw.exe

But nothing happened...

Then I typed:

wine C:\bb\bbw.exe

and nothing...

I also tried typing only 
which \bb\bbw.exe
wine \bb\bbw.exe

but nothing....

Am I doing this right?

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