[Wine] World of Warcraft running on one core

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Mon Oct 26 16:09:18 CDT 2009

> With my Q6600(4 cores) at default clock 2.4GHz, I've the same slower
> performance. The % cpu usage it's the same, gnome-system-monitor show
> peak of 33% with both versions, but i don't know if it's real
> multi-threading usage. With Windows I've noticed much cpu usage.
> p.s. I've compared both versions on OpenGL mode.
> I get a peak of 52% cpu usage with Windows.
The amount of CPU used can't be directly compared across operating
systems unless you know the inner implementation details of both OSes.
and how the CPU use is split between application and operating system.

The higher CPU used by windows may mean WoW is running faster - but it
could equally mean that some inner part of Windows is gobbling CPU.

Things for you to look at:

1) (easy) don't just look at the %CPU usage shown by the system monitor.
   Also look at the lines. Are all four CPUs working equally hard? 
   If only one is busy then multithreading isn't being fully used.

2) (harder) if the Linux sysstat package isn't installed, install it and
   run the sar pidstat utilities. To show CPU usages each second for 
   60 seconds:

   sar -P ALL -u 1 60

   To show threads and their CPU usage each second for 60 seconds:

   pidstat -t -u 1 60

Another benefit of using these tools is that they produce output you can


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