[Wine] ACDSee32 crashing when editing file names

lahmbi5678 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Oct 28 04:41:53 CDT 2009

I'm using a quite old version of ACDSee32 2.45 (Windows 98 Emulation). My Linux is opensuse 11, with all updates, wine version is 1.1.32.

Steps to reproduce the crash:
Start ACDSee, you will see a treeview control listing directories, a file list and a small preeview window. Click on a file or directory name in the file list, the clicked name becomes editable, with text cursor on it. Then click with the mouse cursor on another file name or directory name (the crash sometimes doesn't happpen for me, when I first click on a file name in the file list, then on another directory in the treeview). A dialog appears, that some fatal error appeared and the application has to be closed.

Result: Unhandled Exception, page fault.

I'm getting two backtraces, showing only functions like SendMessage, WINPROC_wrapper, DispatchMessage. Should I post the complete command line output here? Or file a bug?

I'm seeing some instability, though no crash, if I click on a name in the treeview control until the name becomes editable, then click on another name in the treeview control or file list. After that ACDSee doesn't update it's treeview anymore, and doesn't show pictures in the preview control any more, although I click on their file names. The editable directory name in the treeview control remains editable until I press Escape.

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