[Wine] Re: A fully functional Windows 95 emulator that runs right in yo

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Apr 1 18:49:26 CDT 2010

Don't post this joke crud.    Just because you think it impossible does not mean it is.


DSL inside this will load and run wine.  So what you are joking about is possible.  Problem is now since you have joked about if someone like javapc gets XP working they may not be taken seriously since then it would be a fully functional Windows 95 emulator when they get Windows 95 running in it.

Bit like a helicopter ejection seat.    For years jokes were made about it.   One day someone seriously tried to do it.    Only major change between helicopter and normal fixed wing aircraft was ejection the rotors.  Funny enough they did not even really need a different circuit reason aircraft canopy needs the same basic delay between firing it off as firing off the rotors.  In the helicopter case how many people ended up dead because of no one though about what was required to truly do it due to the jokes.

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