[Wine] Re: World of Warcraft Disconnects Constantly.

lubberlick wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Apr 3 21:19:42 CDT 2010

Just an update on my troubleshooting.

I had noticed that my 2wire modem/router had taken a rather extensive software update recently so I decided to take my laptop to work and test my connection there. The same problem exists on the works T1.

Recently also Blizzard had lots of disconnect issues with the problem on their end. They patched the servers to help with these disconnect issues. Could be a problem there. There was many threads on the wow forums discussing packet sizes and such causing the same issues.

I have not given up yet, but at this moment its looking like I will be forced to run Windows during my gaming time for WoW. I would appreciate if anyone could tell me they are experiencing the same problem as me. I feel alone.

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