[Wine] Re: Wine CD-ROM on Mac OS X

jdratlif wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Apr 4 17:49:38 CDT 2010

Martin Gregorie wrote:
> Are you certain that wasn't a dodgy disk? None of the disk burning programs that I've used verify after writing, so its just not sensible to delete the material off hard disk until you've tested that at least some of the files contain what they should and are readable.

If the disc was dodgy, verification should fail, not succeed. Those same DVD-RWs that burned AND verified under k3b failed to verify with ImgBurn. It's just not sensible to assume that a spot check will provide you with an accurate gauge of success. The discs that failed are better than 99% identical to the ISO. A spot check would've been completely useless.

Martin Gregorie wrote:
> Similarly, IMO its false economy to use el cheapo blank disks. I tend to buy TDK as a matter of course. 

I buy Verbatim, but even the best media can be bad from time to time.

Martin Gregorie wrote:
> Finally, IME its foolish to trust a home-burnt CD as the only copy of anything you what to keep more than a year or two. 

I didn't lose my original copy of the Gutenberg Bible. I lost a little data. It's annoying, not a nuclear meltdown.

Martin Gregorie wrote:
> But, back to disk burning software: Brasero works for me if I'm burning an ISO image or making an audio CD. Otherwise I use the Gnome CD/DVD creator.

Glad it works for you. ImgBurn works for me while verifying discs accurately.

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