[Wine] Oss emulation and midi with Alsa

Hunirio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Apr 5 00:06:08 CDT 2010


here is my problem:

I have tried to use Linux Native Digital Audio Workstations, but none of the ones I have tried seem to be able to capture from several soundcards at a time.

I have two Professional USB microphones, and several analog ones that I can plug on my soundcards.

In Windows, I can successfully record from five microphones and the midi keyboard (but with very long recordings I need to resample some of the takes).

With Linux, Wine and Cakewalk pro Audio 9, I can record from different soundcards using OSS Emulation (with real-time resampling, it seems), but I have a problem recording the MIDI keyboard : the device appear in Cakewalk, but nothing is captured.

Is there a connection to etablish ? I have  AconnectGui.

Or should I try the real OSS (last version), and a generic USB Midi driver (hoping it will work). But with OSS, I don't know if I can still get Jack to work.

Best regards,

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