[Wine] Sharing a Bug Report

jorl17 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Apr 7 08:51:09 CDT 2010

Greetings. My suspicion is that this thread will be locked up and I'm going to be flamed at. Nevertheless, posting once already sends this message to many people.

As we all know, Wine and Pulseaudio can't live that well together. I've always had them perfectly working and cooperating up to and including Ubuntu 8.10, though.

Now, running Ubuntu 9.10, I've stumbled into an annoying and irritating message claiming that mmap() has failed.

Many times, here and in the AppDB, this message has sprouted up in logs, but few people cared about it. Those who did bother with it, were told to disable Pulseaudio. This, for me, is not an option. Now, Wine has no fault in this -- It seems to me that it is Ubuntu's fault. The same Wine build worked in 8.10 but not 9.10, producing the said error.

As much as I understand that running Wine with OSS emulation might be yet another solution, I would like to see it work as it did before, with ALSA re-routing to Pulse and, then, to the Hardware (with all the other steps involved).

So, since so many Ubuntu users out there might be interested, I decided to post a link to this bug report here so that they could try and follow the progress on this horrible bug. Once again this is not Wine's fault and it may well be a Pulseaudio issue. Nevertheless it should be reported and passed to as many people as possible so that a fix can emerge and let Wine and Pulseaudio live together through ALSA again.

Here is the link. I have a quite-angry post as #7:

Thank you for your time and please do accept my apologies if I'm going to get this thread thrown away, I understand it.


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