[Wine] Help request: Wine + alsa on 64-bit Fedora 12

Walker Shurlds walkershurlds at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 10:15:06 CDT 2010

Hi all,
I'm having a problem with alsa on wine.  I'm posting this to both
lists--I'm sure that there exist people on both ends who might be able
to help. Basically this is it: neither alsa nor oss show up in winecfg.
The wine-alsa and wine-oss packages are installed.  I have a feeling
it's due to 32/64-bitness problems.  I'm already having to run all wine
apps as wine32 whatever to get sound at all--the 64-bit winecfg crashes
when the audio tab is selected.  In the 32-bit, pulse is the only
available driver that shows up, but it crashes after a minute or two of
use with an app run through wine.

So question is this: is there an easy way to make alsa or oss show up
in wine32 winecfg in Fedora 12 64-bit?  Or am I better off switching
completely to a 32-bit installation (which I'm also considering for
other reasons.)

Other possible problem causers are that I'm using the Planet CCRMA
kernel, and I have 3 sound cards, but I figure these should only cause
problems between alsa and hardware (and they have, and I've
fixed/workedaround them), not between wine and alsa.


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